The ‘Big’ Issue: WWE and Size.

Wrestlemania has seen us learn many things, Reigns will botch in the most important match of the show, the women are the best – their matches were flawless and WWE has a real issue with dealing with wrestlers who are not the new WWE average.

Nia Jax and Braun Strowman have been booked until Wrestlemania as being unstoppable and no matter what happened at ‘the show of shows’ this could cause a problem, its a wrestling rock and hard place. Jax losing in this situation where she has dominated for months is terrible but winning is an even bigger issue – how do you sell a win over the undefeatable when no one is equal to her in power?

Braun Strowman’s match was the Andre The Giant Memorial, a recent tradition at ‘Mania for WWE, this was won by Mojo Rawley, which though happy for him makes no sense at all. Strowman winning this match would have made complete sense, this man is practically indestructible, a man you’re lucky to survive 10 minutes with, ala Sami Zayn, yet he loses in a match like this that would have made his dominance clearer –  I thought he would be Taker’s opponent this year, but apparently not.

This is an issue that WWE have been dealing with for so long as their roster changes. No longer the days of big guys such as Cena and Lesnar the increase of wrestlers coming into the WWE are much smaller. This leads to another problem, who could beat Lesnar realistically other than Reigns on the current Raw roster? Not many, I suspect Roman Reigns is being set up to be that guy, however where do you find Brock’s competition? He has no realistic opposition due to his largesse.

We can also see this issue crop up with people such as Rusev. A man who was made undefeatable, he has fallen deep down the midcard with Jinder Mahal and is not looking to move back up. A powerhouse of a wrestler, Rusev has become filler on Raw and he is just one of a litany of wrestlers who have arrived and often eventually depart in WWE who aren’t the new norm and disappeared mostly gratefully (remember The Great Khali? No? You’re lucky). This list could be so long, and it’s a shame as when booked well the unusually large can work, see Matanza Cueto in Lucha Underground.

There are ways to tackle this. WWE could just stop hiring people who end up leaving in the end and actually give the Universal title to someone who wrestles all year round and could adapt to the fact that they have changed the face of their company or they could  make a whole new Super Heavyweight division, as Lesnar and Goldberg fit that perfectly. Others could include Big Show, Mark Henry, you can add in whomever you like.

WWE hanging on to former glories is however going to be tough one to change, I hope it does.